You are an RP2 customer, with two stores and your own website,
as well as selling through ebay and Amazon.

It’s 8.30 am and you arrive at your shop, coffee in hand, ready to start another successful day’s trading. Profits have been increasing month on month since you had RP2 installed, and you can’t resist a quick look at the Back Office till screen to remind yourself of how lucky you are, to be bucking the trend in this current recession.

You check your incoming orders and are pleased to see all your sales channels are bringing in business. You’ve had the RP2 system in place for several months, but still get that same sense of excitement every time you log in and see the orders coming in from everywhere. You see at a glance that 3 of the orders are for the same product, and another 2 are for customers living in the same area, which makes picking and packing, as well as organising your delivery manifests, so much easier.

9 am rolls around and the rest of your staff turn up, eager to start selling. You print off a stock replenishment report for one of your team, who immediately gets to work refilling the shop floor from yesterday’s sales, while the others get logged onto the till points; even the new guy, who has barely used a computer before, has no trouble navigating the user-friendly RP2 system. This leaves you free to pop out to the back and double check the products that your delivery man is just picking and loading onto his truck, using RP2’s trademark delivery manifest system.

10.30 and the morning is going well, you’ve had a few store sales as well as another order from your website, when an issue arises. 3 customers have come in to reserve an item for store pickup, but you only have one in stock! You quickly check your second store using the system and can see that there are several in stock at that location. Immediately you initiate a store transfer, which you do in a few clicks, and arrange for the stock to be sent over this afternoon. Problem solved. Had the customers wanted to, you could even have arranged delivery direct to them from your second store, without adversely affecting the sales or stock records.

It’s turning into a busy day, and you’re certainly glad of all the little touches within RP2 that make selling so much quicker and easier. Barcoded products, instant stock updates, product recommendations for upselling and cross-selling all combine to help you and your staff sell more, and help your customers leave your store feeling more satisfied.

You know you’ve got some very profitable lines at the moment, because your weekly sales report says as much, but a quick glance also shows you some lines have stagnated of late, and you decide the best course of action is to get them onto ebay to clear the stock and release some funds to invest in new products to really bring the customers in. This takes less than a minute using the ‘My List’ feature, and means you don’t even have to worry about loading up ebay to do it all.

Well into the afternoon and you check the purchase orders that were created automatically for you lines of stock that are running low. You click to unconfirm the line you’re trying to get rid of on ebay, and click again to send the rest of the purchase orders off to the relevant suppliers. You know that when the stock comes in, confirming those same purchase orders will be a doddle.

Just before closing time and a new customer comes in, wanting to reserve an item you have coming into stock next week. Usually this would be the last thing you would want at the end of the day, but you know that with the RP2 system, it is but a matter of minutes to set up new customer details, and set up a product reservation for them. The customer leaves happy, knowing they will have the product they want, and you are happy knowing that sales of a new line have already begun.

It’s the end of the day, the cashing up couldn’t be simpler, and the system feeds all the relevant information into the bespoke accounts system you had set up. Takings are looking good, your multichannel sales approach is really paying off, and again you wonder how you ever did it all before.

So much of the work has been done by the system that you actually have some free time in the evening, and one of the things you plan to do is use the RP2 remote software to log in at home, just to adjust your online retail prices for a few products and put a few lines on special offer, all with your feet up and a glass of wine in hand. Does this sound like you? Do you want it to?

Give us a call on 01386 725150 and we can arrange either a 30 minute introductory demo or a more detailed one-on-one consultation, to show you how RP2 can work for you, to save you costs while driving your business forward and boosting profits.